Eye Protection is Absolutely Mandatory!

Advanced Level Safety Equipment

Basic Level Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment Examples

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Come with what you have and can afford, We encourage casual players as well as fully equipped "MilSim" Experienced players. Young too old... 1st timers to Combat Veterans; Everbody has fun! at The Airsoft Arena !

Our rules are meant to foster a safe, sportily environment for all age groups.  Most gameplay takes place in close quarters, and our rules reflect this.  our rules are guided by insurance industry standards, for indoor airsoft fields.  Outdoor fields operate under different guidelines.

16+ Level Safety Equipment

General Field Rules

Waiver​ Form

Ages & Requirements

Years OldBattle BuddyAdult Co-Sign

Full Face Protection

10 - 11RequiredRequiredRequired
12 - 17SuggestedRequiredRequired
18+Not RequiredNot RequiredRecommended

Battle Buddy Policy

We welcome our younger players to join us, to learn the ropes and see what airsoft is all about!  A Battle Buddy is a Parent or Legal Guardian who accompanies there Youth Airsofter-in-Training on the Field of Play.  For younger players to take part, their battle buddy must be within arm's length at all times.  Airsoft can be challenging and intense when you are new to it, so battle buddies are there to help them out while they are adjusting to the action.